On behalf of the Society of St. Vincent Depaul we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of George Anthony who was our National Council Vice President and Twinning Coordinator. 


 The Society of St Vincent de Paul first reached the shores of Karachi (British India) in 1869. The first Conference was the St. Patrick's Conference. The St. Lawrence’s Conference was the second

Until 1960 this had grown to just 4 conferences in Pakistan: 2 in Karachi, 1 in Sialkot and one in Rawalpindi. With the advent of the Twinning Scheme in the 1960s the number of conferences increased from 4 to 22. The Twinning Remittance of a few Australian dollars was invaluable to Vincentian work.

With the formation of the National Council in 1973 efforts were made to contact all the Dioceses of Pakistan and the total number of conferences in Pakistan grew to 323. The total number of Vincentians at the last census was around 3000.

There are one National Council, one Diocesan Council and 13 regional Councils. The National President since 1973 has been Valentine Gonsalves from Karachi

The Regional Council of Karachi maintains the St. Vincent's Home for the Aged[3] which the Society initiated on September 12, 1960. This project depends on funds received locally as well as from abroad for its existence

The Society in the Punjab started the Pakistan Literacy Project in 2005 with the help of the Society in Australia. This program goes to areas in Pakistan where students were denied schooling. The program has three aims:

  • Providing basic education to students.Providing employment to teachers who do not have work.
  • Assisting students who are away from home because of their family situation and need special tuition. For $1500 Australian a teacher can give basic education to students while they wait for a chance to go to a "real school".

Doug Walsh, National Project Officer of St Vincent De Paul Society, Australia, recently visited the project

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul conference in the Holy Rosary Parish, Madina in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Faisalabad, also does fundraising to pay the fees of the children in the parish.

Regional Council:

The Regional Council overseas all the conferences in Karachi and is headed by President, Vice President, General Secretary and a Treasurer. The Presidents of Conferences make up the Regional Council

How you can help:
If you like to know more about our Society please feel free to browse our website and if you like to sponsor a project you may contact any of our members on our contact page.

St. Peter's Conference organised a Free Eye Camp, people of all walks of life attended the free Eye Camp. The Conference has arranged for 5 Eye Camps till today. Well Done Bro. Mushtaq and St. Peter's Conference Members for a job well done.